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UI/UX design of Onetab App

I was tasked with designing the user interface for the Onetab. The smartphone app that allows users to open, manage and close restaurant and bar tabs securely via their smartphones; facilitates real-time mobile payments, and ensures venues get paid. The interface needed to be visually appealing while reflecting the app’s core sensibility of safely and securely opening bar tabs without handing over your credit card to the bartender.


Branding & Styling

The core design element for the UI was a payment system. Branded coloured tabs and venue locator functionality helped users keep track of their tabs.
The brand and simplistic interface were reflected in all elements and provided a playful touch to the important functions.

UI/UX Design

Goals Achieved

The Onetab UI achieved the goals set out by the client. It was dynamic, fun, and easy to use.
The uncluttered screens felt both modern and intuitive while keeping to the core functionality at the centre of the design.
The final product was successful and was a pleasure to work on this challenging project.

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