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Deutsche Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Organisation

Branding & Corporate Identity Project

Deutsche Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Organisation (DBJJO) is the affiliated German Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu organisation with International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) is the largest and most renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) organisation worldwide. DBJJO was founded in May 2017 and will be host to several BJJ tournaments exclusively in Germany.

The Challenge

The client drew my attention towards their future prospects of production in-house clothing and equipment, and to keep this suggestion as a key component to the overall design. 

I put my focus on a custom typeface. To keep true to its origins, I decided to revisit the old logo’s typeface and subtract key elements that made it distinctive to Spitfire’s brand.

The Design Process

Logo Options

The client was drawn to this logo with an ultra modern custom typeface and colour palette influenced by martial arts professionals. The end result is a logo that stands out amongst the competition and also works well on sports equipment and apparel.

The Result

Final Logo

Branding Guidelines

The Website

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Development strategy

I don’t just practice and preach user experience for the end user, I also keep the client CMS user experience top of mind, too, by building with WordPress to make it easier for the client to add, edit and manage content.

This made the planning stage all the more important, and by doing my tech spec homework, I was well-prepared for every site feature and custom functionality heading into the development stage of the project.


By examining organic search traffic and taking a deep dive into existing analytics, I explored opportunities to better promote existing content and ensured key pages remained at the forefront.

Responsive Design

As mobile browsing continues to surpass desktop surfing, it became increasingly apparent to build this website and making it work seamlessly across thousands of different screen sizes—from a smartphone to a 27” monitor. Many of DBJJO’s leads are from the younger generation and it was essential that the site scales down to mobile devices without sacrificing on design or functionality. This allowed the user to engage in easy reading and navigation without the struggle of resizing, panning, and constantly scrolling.

Moving Forward

DBJJO had a clear vision of what they wanted their website to accomplish. They entrusted to me this task and were not disappointed—praising the work and the final site’s clean, on-brand design and intuitive WordPress management portal.

This hard work and ongoing collaboration will extend beyond the site’s design — we’ll continue to push for better results, create more tools to make every site visit engaging and interactive, with a strong focus on delivering an intuitive digital experience.

Christine has created the website and corporate identity for our company. She had some great creative ideas; great designs for our website, posters and banner etc. She fully met all our expectations and needs. I highly recommend Christine to anyone who is interested.

Gabriel Rainho, DBJJO Managing Director & Co-Founder


Berlin Summer Cup

The Berlin 2017 Summer Cup is the first competition which is organized by the DBJJO. The event took place on the 30th of July 2017 in the outdoor sports hall University in Dahlem.

This event was designed to be the first of many BJJ competitions across Germany to unite all German and other BJJ athletes in association with IBJJF.

Logo Design

This event is to be an annual event held in Berlin, Germany. They wanted the logo to represent both BJJ and the city of Berlin in one unique design.

The final result was inspired by the Brandenberg Gate.

Medal & Trophy Design

Getting a trophy or an award is always something special, especially to those who worked hard to earn it. Trophies and awards carry much more than we perceive and I wanted to give all these athletes awards that they wanted to win and made them proud.

Trophy Design

Medal Design

Poster Advert

Event T-Shirt Design


Event Impressions

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